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Dohatec New Media

Dohatec New Media has been granted license to be a Certifying Authority on the strength of its technical competence in this highly advanced field. Dohatec has set up the CA practice with technical assistance from TCS in view of their predominance in this field. Dohatec set up a state-of-the-art Datacenter for the CA operations. This will ensure the accuracy in this area requiring faultless performance. Dohatec is an international software development company based in Dhaka and has been in business for two decades. It has developed solutions for international clients in USA and Europe. It has successfully provided services to clients using the systems uniquely developed for them. It has proprietary software that is used by International Financial Institutions for the publication of its critical statistical information. Dohatec has always maintained highest standards of service and has been trusted software vendor handling highly confidential information and mission critical engagements. Dohatec has been maintaining software solutions for customers with utmost confidentiality and efficiency. The customers include Government Agencies, US Corporations and International Agencies. Dohatec has provided solution for the voter registration and multi-biometric reduplication in Bangladesh of eighty six million records. This is recognized internationally and the firm it is a known enterprise in the field of security and identity. Dohatec CA practice offers digital certificates with maximum accuracy and follows highest professional standards in operational and administrative processes relevant in this particular domain.

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