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Now-a-days, sending unencrypted data through online can be easily hacked by hackers to misuse those data. Encryption is important to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access.

Encryption is a process to secretly communicate data/message/files online using encryption certificate. Data/file/message encryption provides a mean to encrypt data/files/messages which ensures end-to-end confidentiality in unanticipated workflows. Specific recipients have access to these data/files/messages. It addresses the need to protect these documents from certain intermediaries in the document exchange path and provide confidentiality to transports.

The data, which is being sent, will be encrypted by the recipient’s public key listed in the corresponding Digital Certificate of the encryption key pair. On receiving the encrypted data, the recipient will decrypt the message with the private key corresponding to the public key listed in the Digital Certificate used to encrypt the data.

Organizations use the Encryption Certificate to protect corporate secrets, governments’ use it to secure classified information and individuals use it to protect personal information.

Subscribers requesting for Encryption Certificates from Dohatec CA should have already procured a Signing certificate from Dohatec CA.

Benefits of using Encryption Certificate:

  • Privacy of information/data/document is ensured
  • Authorized access on information/data/transaction is provided

Encryption Key Pair Escrow

Unlike other types of certificates where the credentials (key pair) are generated at the subscriber end, the credentials (key pair) of encryption certificate are generated at the Dohatec CA end in secure premise. A copy of the Encryption key pair of the subscriber is retained in the safe custody of the Dohatec CA.

The purpose of this archival is to satisfy legal requirements, such as summons or requests for a subscriber’s private key from a law enforcement agency. With this provision organization can recover the encrypted information received by an employee after he/she has left the organization. There are no key recovery services provided or implied, and Subscribers should exercise care not to lose their private keys after they have downloaded them.

Dohatec CA provides a secure and complete encryption key pairs management solution.

Centralized Key Pair Generation

Dohatec CA generates subscriber’s encryption key pairs in its secure premise using the most sophisticated and the state of the art technology.

Secure Encryption Key Pair Distribution

Encryption key pairs are distributed to the subscribers in a secure way. Strong authentication using Digital Certificate is applied to ensure that only the requesting Subscriber can download the encryption key pairs.

Encryption Key pairs Back-up

Encryption Key pairs are backed up and archived at the Dohatec CA end ensuring highly secure mechanism. The backed up keys are protected by strong physical and logical access control of the Dohatec CA facility.