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Overview of PDF Signer

Important assets of an organization like intellectual property, sales forecasts, customer or citizen information, strategic plans, financial data and bidding details are created and sent as electronic files/documents, mostly in PDF format. These files must be communicated in a secure and tamper-proof manner to provide the necessary security and comfort to both the Sender and the Receiver.Electronic document workflows not only increase productivity and reduce costs, but can also increase the risk of document forgery or tampering. Organizations need a solution that offers their electronic documents the same assurance of authenticity and integrity as a wet ink signature provides to a physical document.PDFsigner is a desktop product that uses PKI and Digital Signature based technology to provide 'Authenticity', 'Integrity' and 'Non-Repudiation' to PDF Documents. 'Authenticity' provides assurance of the source of information while 'Integrity' ensures that information is tamper-proof and 'Non-Repudiation' makes it impossible for parties involved in information exchange to deny their involvement at a later date. These properties together make electronic transactions secure and trustworthy. At the present time many financial transactions require more than one person to sign on the document. PDFsigner facilitates multiple signing on a single document on any page and position. For enhanced security, PDFsigner also supports the storage of user credentials in smart cards/hardware tokens.