Signing/Identification Certificate

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add Trust to communications

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Signing/Identification Certificate is used to digitally sign electronic documents or files to ensure secure documents workflows and meet compliance. When a sender sends signed documents using his Signing Certificate, the document recipients get assured of the authenticity of the signer, that he/she is who they claim to be. It ensures that since the signature was applied, the content of the documents has not been changed or tampered with. Signing/Identification Certificate proves a subscriber’s identity or right access to information or online services. Digitally signing documents is a great way to move away from the paper based signature workflows. Dohatec CA is issuing Digital Certificate under Dohatec CA Trust Network for the subscriber to digitally sign the data to be sent.

Benefits of using Signing/Identification Certificate
  • Sender authentication is achieved
  • Document’s authorship is proved
  • Document/message integrity is ensured
  • Non-repudiation is established