SSL Certificate

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Internet has opened the door for endless possibilities and enormous business opportunities. With a mouse click, we can reach any commercial website instantly and avail their products or services sitting at our desk. Online banking and transactions have greatly influenced the way we do business now a day. However, as the possibilities are enormous, so are the threats. As online transactions allow you to send/receive money over the internet, you have to be extremely cautious about the identity of the other party involved and the confidentiality of the financial data in transit. It implies that this sort of transactions implicitly requires that the connection should be secure.

An insecure transaction over the internet possesses the following security threats:

  • If the identity of the server is not verified using strong authentication, a malicious third party user may steal the identity of a legitimate user, or the malicious third party may also spoof the identity.
  • If the data in transit is not well protected regarding confidentiality or integrity, a malicious third party may steal important information from it (bank account pin numbers, passwords, credit card numbers etc), or he might interject the communication or he might inject information in the communication.

Implementing SSL in the web server using SSL Certificates protects the websites ensuring online security and customer confidence. A valid and trusted SSL Certificate proves the authenticity of the website. When the customers get assured about the identity of the website verified by SSL Certificate, trust is built among them which is the critical success factor of doing online business. SSL not only makes a website trusted but also protects the customers’ valued data from interception by securing the communication between the customer browser and web server.

An SSL certificate is most reliable when issued by a trusted Certifying Authority (CA). Dohatec CA , a trusted and licensed Certifying Authority in Bangladesh, issues SSL Certificates with which you can offer a higher degree of trust to your customers, clients or partners.


  • Supports RSA Encryption, minimum 2048 RSA Key modulus
  • Supports Up to 256 bit encryption
  • FIPS 140 level 3 enable
  • Support X.509 v3 format
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • Compatible with Linux, Windows, and other operating systems
  • Compatible with Apache, IIS, Tomcat, Exchange Server, Email Server and other servers

Benefits of using SSL Certificates:

  • Gain competitive advantage by appearing more trusted and more legitimate
  • Provide assurance to your customers that their data cannot be altered which ensure integrity of data.
  • Secure multi domains with one certificate using Subject Alternative Name (SAN).
  • Customers get a high degree of assurance for online transactions with organizational support.
  • Transmit confidential data using highly secure 128 bit (up to 256 bit) encryption mechanism.