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Public-key Infrastructure (PKI) Enablement

add Trust to communications

and secure

PKI Enablement for web based application

What is Public-key Infrastructure (PKI) Enablement?

PKI enablement means to integrate Digital authentication and security with public key cryptography to web based application for making web based solution more secure. It is an independent module that can be integrated to any existing or new web based solution.

Security Offered by PKI Integration into Applications

  • Strong Authentication for User to access web based solution (authentication means Users can securely identify themselves to other Users and Servers on a Network)
  • Legal Signing of web based form with trusted Digital Certificates
  • Confidentiality through Data Encryption
  • Non-Repudiation

Features of PKI Enablement modules

Dohatec CA provides the following solutions:

  • Login with PKI module: “Login with PKI module” is a secure way to login with Digital Certificate to any web based application. User can login to web based services with Digital Certificate instead of Username and Password. For higher security User can use Digital Certificate along with username and password creating two factor authentications.
    1. It identifies user who signed the form
    2. It ensures that no data is modified or lost
    3. It ensures non-repudiation
  • Web Form Encryption module: Data of any web form can be encrypted by the Encryption module. Only a single module is able to encrypt all the data of the web form. Only the owner of the certificate is able to decrypt the data. Thus, it ensures strong security of web form.
  • PDF Signing module: PDF document can be signed in web based solution with PDF Signing module. A signed document assures the recipient that the document is authentic, comes from a verified source, and has not been tampered.

PKI Enablement Description

PKI Enablement FeaturesUse of PKI EnablementSystem Requirements
1. Only a few modules are required for PKI enablement of web applications or services. 1. Web application containing and transferring confidential data. 1. Java Runtime Environment 1.7+
2. Customizable solution. 2. Transactional Web based application 2. Supported Browsers Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer. JAVA
3. Saves time and resources, removes cumbersome paper-based transactions 3. Web application which needs strong authentication.
4. Operating System independent